Affordable Upgrades that Boost Style in the Key Rooms of a Home

Affordable Upgrades that Boost Style in the Key Rooms of a Home

When buying a home, most people look at the baths and kitchens to determine whether they will have to spend on their upgrades after the purchase. That’s why you should upgrade such rooms to sell your home fast and at your desired price. But, you should keep the costs of upgrading these rooms low and avoid complete overhauls that won’t give you a great return on investment. Here are affordable upgrades that can boost style in the key rooms of your home. 

Swapping Fixtures in the Bathrooms and Kitchens 

Give some rooms a modern, cohesive look with new faucets, pulls, and knobs that match the existing style. This may seem like an inexpensive and small upgrade but it can have a significant impact on the resale value of your home. It can also make your house sell faster. You can try matte-type stainless-steel and brushed nickel fixtures to give your rooms a contemporary style. If you need a classic look, go for oil-rubbed bronze. 

Go for a Minor Remodel Instead of an Upscale 

A minor kitchen renovation costs around $21,000 for a 200 square-foot kitchen. And, you can recover around 77.6% of the spent amount at resale. With an upscale or major kitchen remodel, you only recoup around 58.6% of the costs. 

You can avoid heated towel racks, heated floors, frameless glass enclosures, and body-spray fixtures. Instead, go for standard fixtures like ceramic tile floors. 

Replenishing the Floors 

You can replenish your current floors or install new hardwood floors. The cost that you will recoup when you resell your house will depend on the price range of your house and its condition. 

Paint Your House in Neutral Palettes 

Neutral, light colors on the walls are a good palette for repainting a house to resell it. That’s because this palette enables potential buyers to imagine living in the home. A subtle neutral palette can flow with almost everything without the need to repaint the entire house. 

If you wish to upgrade the look and feel of the key rooms of your home before you sell it, consider these options. The ideal choice of the upgrades to make should depend on the current condition of your home, how fast you want to sell it, and the price that you’re looking for.